Andy & I are delighted to be coming back to Fort Myers for a full-length visit with all of you, in hopes that we might join you.  The search committee has already been preparing the way.  Just yesterday we received a care package with UUCFM t-shirts for the both of us.  Included in the package were materials such as boating guide, arts information, and the bike path guide for Lee County.  

Guides in hand, there is so much to explore about you and the community.  I look forward to visiting the ocean, paddling canals, and cycling here and there.  But I also expect to learn more about you.  Candidating week is a time of questioning one another, much like how many of us develop our faith.  The questions are asked in good faith, as a way to become acquainted with one another. My focus will be on the following deceptively simple questions:

  •  Who are you as a church community now?  
  • Who do you want to be, i.e. what are your dreams?  
  • What are the most important issues in our emotional and spiritual lives right now?  

 As we meet one another, I look forward to your questions.  Ask me about my theology!  Ask me about spiritual care and practices!  This is not a test, it is a conversation.  The only prize I might earn is your trust, and the opportunity to walk with you for some years and serve the community.