Today is a day for gratitude!  The sun is shining.  The ice and snow banks melt to create mud.  Daffodils brave the crusty soil and shoot up.  It is a friendly Universe!


In his book The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins is loath to make any connections between science and religion.  His idea of religion, however, is not ours.  Religion, to him, is one of those taboo subjects that one cannot question.  And for many more fundamentalist sects, this is the case.  But ours is a religion that embraces ambiguity and mystery.  Inquiry is integral to our faith.  Science is a method of reverence.

 At the end of his book, Dawkins himself becomes reverent at the wonder of this friendly Universe that somehow created an atmosphere amenable to life.  Today I am grateful that Life just happened to be possible on this small planet, in this tiny Milky Way, nestled in an immeasurable quadrant of space.  

I am grateful for the mysterious turns of life that have given me the chance to meet you and hear your joys and sorrows about life on earth.  I do hope you find it a friendly Universe. 

A passage I love from Cosmic Evolution by John Elof Boodin (1869-1950) about human life and the grand scheme of things:

We do not understand, but somehow we are a part of a creative destiny, reaching backward and forward to infinity— a destiny that reveals itself, though dimly, in our striving, in our love, our thought, our appreciation.  We are the fruition of a process that stretches back to star-dust.  We are material in the hands of the Genius of the universe for a still larger destiny that we cannot see in the everlasting rhythm of worlds.  Nothing happens but what somehow counts in the creative architecture of things,  we fail and fall by the way, yet redeeming grace fashions us anew and eliminates our failures in the larger pattern.  The pangs of pain, of failure, in this mortal lot, are the birth-throes of transition to better things.  We are separated for a time by the indifference of space and by our blindness which particularizes and isolates us.  But in us in the longing for unity.  We are impelled by a hidden instinct to reunion with the parts of the larger heart of the universe.