Today we celebrated the second day of spring in Chicago with six inches of snow! Springtime is always a time of great expectation here. It certainly is in our household as we prepare to visit with you again in April.

In Chicago, by mid-March you will see a few brave (perhaps crazy) folks in shorts and tank tops if the sun is shining. (Nevermind that it is 45 degrees outside.) Once the days grow lighter, Chicagoans pretend that it might actually get warm. People come out from their apartment caves and go jogging and play frisbee in the park. (Nevermind that it will not really be warm until June. And then it will just be doggone HOT until September or October). I am glad I get to meet some of you snowbirds before you migrate north again, to the land of four seasons. I do not think I will miss the seasons. I love hot weather- humid, wet, stormy, dry. I like it hot.


Andy & I head off to Davenport, IA, tomorrow to visit with his family. We will likely celebrate at the Unitarian Universalist church in Davenport. I know from our last visit that the minister will be glad to know of my candidating with you.

Enjoy celebrating Easter together, whatever Easter means to you. For those who suffer, the story of Jesus’ resurrection is powerful and inspiring. Ostara also reminds us of the fertile power and creativity with all of us, that we might take time to renew it, to resurrect it.

Blessings to you!