Welcome to my web log! (blog) I hope that these entries will give you a glimpse into my world and the spirit I bring to my ministry. Looking forward to meeting you in person…

Your dear search committee asked me about my strengths and weaknesses. Perfectionism is a weakness of mine. It sounds like a great weakness to have, but perfectionism can wreak havoc on the human spirit. I still can look at a room and yearn to put all of the objects in right angles and symmetrical relationships. And perfectionism in terms of ministerial expectations is just plain crazy. Seminary (thank god) has beaten into me (in that loving & pastoral sort of way) the notion that we are not (thank god) perfect. In striving for perfection, am I not just serving my own ego, an idolatry of “the perfect?”

The joy of ministry is its imperfection. I get to be human. I get to be who I am, and you get to be who you are. And we need to tell one another when things are not going so swimmingly. Will they ever be perfect? No. Because (thank god) life is not perfect.

I spent my high school years listening to Ani Difranco, a brash, fabulous feminist folk singer. In one of her songs she writes about the risk of being real while in love:

when you’re pretty as a picture
they pound down your door
but I’ve been offered love
in two dimensions before
and I know that it’s not all
it’s made out to be
let’s show them how it’s done
let’s do it all imperfectly

I know some of you are concerned- will it go right this time? what if she isn’t the one?

Well, there will never be “the one.” But what we can decide to do together, is to do it all imperfectly. None of us are perfect, yet we have the ability to receive one another for who we are, with all of our guts grudges and glory. That is what a covenanted community gives us the right and the responsibility to do. Yet in our imperfection, we must still strive for excellency, for change beyond the horizon of our imaginings.

And we can serve this imperfect world together.