Welcome to my web log! (blog) I hope that these entries will give you a glimpse into my world and the spirit I bring to my ministry. I write new entries every couple of days, so check out the archives and check in again soon. Looking forward to meeting you in person…


Hello dear folks,

Living in Chicago is gritty, fast-paced, and so difficult to do in March. Today is another gray day. My backpack feeling particularly heavy, I walked to the bookstore with my head down staring at the wet, grey cement of the sidewalk. And suddenly joy appeared! I saw the first crocus, and soon everywhere I saw little shoots of grass, bulbs unfurling up and out of the earth, and a green stubble on the face of the mud all around. What a pleasure! Today I thought of daffodils- how soon they would be trumpeting their bold spring scent into the air. And the forsythia will soon spray us with yellow.

So today spring is in my heart, and much anticipation in meeting all of you and worshiping with you.

On my way to church yesterday, I came across the artistic creations of some renegade knitters who are sending a message that we must care for the earth. Whoever these craft knitters are, I love them for their random act of caring: tree cozies!


My grandmother has knitted thousands of booties and hats for newborns at St. Luke’s in New Bedford, MA as an act of caring. I cannot wait to tell her about this. Oh fah heaven’s sakes, she’ll say. Oh deeah, deah, deah!

This punk-knitting makes a creative, humorous statement in a way that bumper stickers simply cannot. In honor of spring, I dare you to some random act of kindness for the earth. Tomorrow I am doing public transit all day. I love art that inspires action!