Welcome to my web log! (blog) I hope that these entries will give you a glimpse into my world and the spirit I bring to my ministry. I write new entries every couple of days, so check out the archives and check in again soon. Looking forward to meeting you in person…


As a part of my own faith development, I have been walking with a spiritual director here in Chicago since the fall.  Lucky for me, the Institute for Spiritual Leadership is in Hyde Park by Meadville Lombard Theological School.  Spiritual directors-to-be offer their services for free in exchange for my being willing to work with a director-in-formation.  I have had such a rich experience with my spiritual director.  Spiritual direction is not directive, it is driven by the directee.  The “direction” is more like facilitation.  We begin with prayer, poetry and/or meditation, and then simply talk, sometimes sit, sometimes engage in a guided meditation based on what I am called to explore.  The nature of spiritual direction is to be open to the client, not to proselytize. 


Catholics have a number of well-kept secrets.  The first one is the astounding justice work that they do globally (reparations for the colonial imperialism!).  The second is the contemplative space that many of the brothers and sisters provide as spiritual directors.  If only they would ordain women and have them serve in the Vatican!  Spiritual directors are not all Catholic either.  Some list themselves as “interfaith” or from a specific denomination.


If you are interested in finding a spiritual director, visit the website of Spiritual Directors International. (http://www.sdiworld.org/home.html)

In the “seek and Find” section you can explore by state and then find the city.  The website also discusses more about spiritual direction in general.  We also have a Unitarian Universalist Spiritual Director’s Network, but I saw none listed for Florida.  For snowbirds, check this out: http://www.uusdn.org/gdir.html


In this huge life transition of search and settlement, I am grateful for this grounding of spiritual development and exploration.  Spiritual direction has helped prepare the way to meeting you for candidating week.  The luggage is out, and we are getting ready to fly down to Florida!