Félicitations to California for making a move to support same-sex marriage. This ruling, however, still does not provide equal rights that hetero-marrieds enjoy. Though legal marriage is not the be-all, end-all for everyone, imagine what it means to know that when your partner is in the hospital, it is you, not your mother-in-law, who is the next-of-kin. Or that you can file jointly with the Feds. Or that marriage means not having to pay a lawyer to designate power of attorney and all of the things I do not even have to think about as someone in a hetero-marriage.

Opponents call this move an act of judicial activism. Ah, yes, those wild and woolly activist judges. Just what they act upon next? Banning heterosexuality? (ha!)

I am soaring for California! But my heart is heavy for Florida that we should have to waste our collective energy and resources fighting about who loves who. Might it be that it would distract us from addressing the larger economic reality of recession and unprecedented rates of foreclosures and unemployment? Or that the economic stimulus plan is only a band-aid on the gaping and deep wound of America? I am so tired of the divide and conquer game.

But in the mean time, love is love and marriage is a right. Want to do some work together for November?