Well, it is late in the week for my weekly post, but General Assembly 2008 has been the usual time of networking, information sharing, worshiping, and catching up. In the convention center, the flow of people stops and starts as people see one another, greet, hug, clump together, chat, and move along in the stream, only to run into someone else two minutes later. It sometimes takes half an hour to get to the bathroom!

Many enjoyed the Service of the Living Tradition service where retiring ministers were honored, new ministers welcomed into preliminary and final fellowship, and deceased ministers remembered. The Rev. Victoria Safford preached a moving sermon about singing over the lines that divide us, referring to the culture of fear that created Homeland Security and our strange government-issued-ID-flashing GA in Fort Lauderdale. At this service I formally received my preliminary fellowship with some fellow graduates. And speaking of my commencement, I look forward to posting the Rev. Dr. Forrest Church’s sermon from our commencement when it is available. His sermon spoke to my calling to ministry, which, at its core, is to serve.

Don’t forget, if you did not make the trek to General Assembly, you can still watch the online streaming video here, as well as order recordings of workshops you wish you might have attended.

Watch our Unitarian Universalist Association President Bill Sinkford on youtube at the Public witness rally for Fairness for all Families, raising awareness about both BGLT families and immigrant families whose stability will be affected by how we Floridians vote in November.

Moreover, I made the commitment to work in coalition with our fellow Unitarian Universalist Florida clergy for marriage equality as well as raising awareness about amendment 2. Amendment 2 has a clear agenda that goes beyond the issue of same sex marriage- it is an agenda that also undermines the commitment between two people who have made the decision to not legally wed. Whether it’s seniors who need social security benefits or the changing culture of our young families, the agenda is that people should not live together out of wedlock. Our agenda as Unitarian Universalists is one that stands on the side of love, an engaging and dynamic faith agenda that has the terrifying and energizing obligation to rise up in body or spirit and say no to 2.

So, GA has been exhausting and energizing! Don’t even get me started on Van Jones, our Ware lecturer, who this evening received applause, hoots, amens and then a long and enthusiastic standing ovation for his pragmatic, inspiring, and hope-infused talk about preparing to govern by creating grassroots “eco-populism” and a “green economy.” I referred to his work in my final sermon during the candidating week. No doubt I will be keeping up with his ruminations in the coming year! Hope you will as well.