Please read the so called “Marriage Protection Amendment” here. Don’t forget to read the additional information, particularly the financial impact document, in which the unimaginable financial impact of this amendment on domestic partners who lose health insurance and social security benefits is described only as “indeterminately.”


Well, perhaps that is true. Difficult, indeed, it is to determine just how much misery this amendment will inject into partnered seniors lives. As if life is not difficult enough, navigating a sometimes confusing world of telephone customer service, computers, and cell phones. Let’s just add the “indeterminate” impact of stripping seniors of their benefits in domestic partnerships.

While we are at it, why bother determining the personal and financial impact this amendment has on young families who are not legally married. Get informed on how this amendment will affect your life or the lives of young or old loved ones! An above all, we all know that financial impact is not only what is swaying the hearts and minds of November’s Florida voters. This amendment is personal.

As the Rev. Marlan Lavanhar preached at our Unitarian Universalist General Assembly this year in Fort Lauderdale, let your passion for this PERSONAL impact be sacred fire that fuels your heart and your spirit.