So many of us all over the country and, knowing the breadth of LeClair’s influence, likely the planet, are still absorbing the reality of LeClair’s death. The idea of waiting until later in the fall for a memorial service makes sense, as some of LeClair’s dearest (didn’t she make us all feel this way in the special serious and earnest way in which she spoke?) will have returned to Florida from summers in colder climes. But I know that folks here in greater Florida are hurting and sharing stories with one another to ease into the reality that she is gone.

I wanted to share the link to the obituary with you from the Fort Myers News Press today. Click here to read it. You will gather from reading it just how humble LeClair really was. I am honored to have known her for just a short time. As soon as a memorial service date has been arranged, we will post it on the website as well as sending an announcement to the News Press.