We are in the midst of our stewardship campaign and thusly this Sunday is the classic “Sermon on the Amount”

We are blessed with a capable and wise librarian at the church, whose modesty stops even me from listing her name on the world wide web.  That said, she has provided me with a bibliography of books we have in our church library that might deepen the Sunday experience by reading and/or browsing them.  The list is as follows:

Blessing the world, by Rebecca A. Parker
261.8 PAR 2006

The prophetic imperative: social gospel in theory and practice, by R.S. Gilbert

Unitarian Universalism and the quest for racial justice
261.8 Uni

To re-enchant the world: a philosophy of Unitarian Universalism, by R. Grigg
288 GRI 2004

The gospel of Universalism:  hope, courage, and the love of God, by T. Owen-Towle
289.1 Owe

241.68  Aza    Money as sacrament

248 Mon         Money matters:  personal giving in American churches

254.091  HEL       Churchworks
649.1 Ede     Measure of our success  (is about giving and generosity)

So come on down to the church library! Happy reading!