On Sunday morning I may refer to this fantastic article in which Gary Mormino, history professor at USF St. Pete, reflects on the future death of Florida due to human negligence and idiocy.  Check it out:

Apocalypse Florida

I also just got my hands on his book, Land of Sunshine, State of Dreams.  Who knows when I will get to reading it.  So many books, too tired eyes.  Other great Florida books include, A Land Remembered by Patrick D. Smith and Tales from Old Florida, edited by Oppel and Meisel.  I am searching for resources about and from the indigenous folks of Florida.  Also, I want to know much more about black history in this uncommon state.   Is it true Fort Myers was a sundown town?  If so, until when?  A white man at the Bar Association (a local pub) told me Fort Myers was a sundown town until the early 80’s. (?!?!)

I am always learning more about this state and am hoping to learn more about local politics with the Lee County Leadership Program some time in the future when I have the time and we have the moolah.

Ah, but to smell jasmine and the grapefruit tree that blooms in our yard, the scent of pine needles n the sunshine at Koreshan State Park, the sound of water against the boat (canoe!)…ah, Florida.  I love it here and want to make sure that everyone else can enjoy it for years to come  in a sustainable, responsible way. That is part of our mission as the church: to improve the quality of life for all and to work for local and universal justice.  And of course, there is no justice when your house is ten feet underwater thanks to climate change.  Especially when it is not your second home.