How ironic that the Sunday service entitle “CyberSpirit” approaches, and yet I have not blogged in what feels like millions of days.

So I have August off.  During this time I will be playing catch up.  See, I have been to so many places in the past 2 months.  On May 18th Andy and I bought a house.  Then a few days later went to Scotland.  Then when we got home we had to pack and move in to the new house.  Then I went to General Assembly.  Then I had less than a week to unpack (not done! boxes in garage!).  Then I went to Guatemala with 2 church folks for our GRACE Project ministry (providing sustainable, holistic educational materials through the leadership of UUCFM member Genelle Grant, a super-smart, spiritually grounded woman who knows her stuff in education).  Then, well that brings me to this week.  Or was that last week?

Anyhow, for someone who KNOWS that time management is a struggle, I can’t beat myself up too much about this wild ride the past 2 months.  Sometimes you just gotta say Yes anyway. However, over the year (a full year anniversary of service will be August 18) I have learned to leave spaces in my schedule so that I am not as wildly busy as I have been.  But sometimes the perfect house is for sale and needs to be bought!  Sometimes a still small voice within says, do it!  So I think August will give me some time to process some of my experiences at General Assembly as well as our trip to Guatemala.  I will post pics from Guatemala as well.

All of this is to basically say, I will stay in touch!