Momentum is gaining as we gear up for the biggest rally yet in Lakeland, FLorida, to ask Publix to come to the table of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to talk about the tomatoes they buy.  Op-eds are flowing and folks are making signs getting ready for tomorrow.  Sure, from Fort Myers it is a hike.  But what about folks in Immokalee?  Do you really think they would like to be traipsing all over the sunshine state campaigning like this?  I know if I had my way, Publix would have humanized this tomato-purchasing situation a long time ago. .. So disappointing for a company that says it s where Shopping is a Pleasure!

Instead, when I shop, all I see is a harvest of shame in the tomatoes section…and I just want to be a good girl and buy tomatoes that I can be assured have not been picked by people beaten and enslaved.  Is this gal asking too much?  I think not..nor are those whose lives are most directly affected- the pickers.  Our brethren.  So, it’s time to walk and roll tomorrow, friends, in Lakeland.  It will be peaceful and joyous and strong…a sign to Publix that the pickers are not alone.   Many allies are in the wings…and in this time of Advent, of expectation, I am going to do all I can while I wait for justice and peace and hope and mercy to be made real in this world.