I had to share a couple great photos from my study leave time last week which put me at Grand Lake, Oklahoma with great friends, good books, and even better food.  Our home base was Tulsa “International,” and we got to visit the campus of Oral Roberts University.  My colleague Tamara observed that the architectural design was to portray the future they had hoped for- a golden city on a hill, an eternal flame, and yet how could one a future look so garish?  Let this sculpture be a testament, the famous praying hands.  The foreground is my dear colleague, rapt in prayer, in awe of the presence of the Hands.

The Praying Hands meets Heretical Prayer Hands. Amen and Hallelujah!

The next photo was on our way to Grand Lake from Tulsa.  How is this for a Wayside Pulpit?

The best part is that on our way back to Tulsa, the sign had a clever retort that we were sure the pastor himself put up. My brain is not remembering the quote, but it was something about the vagaries of an idle tongue.